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Fractional photothermolysis was first published by laser medicine expert Dr. Rox Anderson from Harvard University in 2004 and this technology was soon adopted in clinical practice afterwards. Fine pores are marked on skin by laser to give rise to a series of biochemical reactions and achieve skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and stain removal. Because only part of skin is covered and new fine pores don't overlap so normal skin can be reserved and recovery can be speeded up. To be more precise, patients can return to normal life within four to five days. The indications of CO2 fractional laser machine include acne scar, diluted stain, surgical scar, traumatic scar, scald scar, melasma, Civatte poikiloderma, wrinkles, skin laxity and photoaging skin. With obvious result, it is widely used all over the world at present.

There are a lot of features of CO2 fractional laser machine. Individual design of laser structure is adopted in this machine so laser replacement and daily maintenance are very easy. Compared with other CO2 lasers, this product is at least five times powerful. With friendly software, operator error can be reduced dramatically and stable laser output, safe and reliable treatment can be guaranteed. For high accuracy of long time treatment, excellent 7 articular optical-arms are applied to accomplish the goal. Suitable to a range of treatment, this product doesn't affect normal life of patients. As well as that, various therapy density, size, shape and depth are available to meet different needs and conditions. For packaging material of CO2 fractional laser machine, it is strong and beautiful aluminum alloy case.

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