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10.6um wavelength of laser, adopted in CO2 medical laser surgery equipment, can be almost 100% absorbed by human body tissue when it passing through the skin. The laser can perform non-blood or less-blood cutting, cauterizing, gasification and accurate microsurgery through heat and electromagnetic effects. Currently, CO2 laser source is used in most optical knives.

CO2 medical laser surgery equipment has eye protection and smoke evacuator so it is very safe to use. As well as that, aiming beam for accuracy, self calibrating function, super pulse mode superior water-cooling system and self-adjusting power output are adopted in this machine to make operation easy and convenient. For service life of CO2 tube, it is 1,000 hours. In terms of training, related workshops and marketing materials are available. To assist cooperation, there are sales agents for OEM and factory certified technicians.

As an experienced CO2 medical laser surgery equipment manufacturer in China, our company also offers Nd-YAG laser equipment, 7H skin lifting and body slimming machine and IPL skin rejuvenation machine, etc.

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