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ND-YAG Laser Machine

For the design of US409 ND-YAG laser machine, 7.4-inch color LCD touch screen is adopted to make the operation easy and convenient. Hydropower plug is applied to ensure stable performance and long service life.

Detailed Specifications

Laser type ND. YAG Laser (q-switch)
Wavelength 1064nm/532 nm
Screen 7.4"color-touch screen
Handle connector The most advanced (plug-and-play) handle connector
Instruction light Infared ray indicator
Width of pulse 6ns
Single pulse energy 1064 nm/ 600 mj, 532 nm/ 300mj
Frequency 1~6 Hz
Spot diameter 4-8mm
Cooling system Water + air cooling system
Machine size 52x70x136cm
Net weight 26.5kg
Voltage 220V/110V

Because US409 ND-YAG laser machine has big laser output energy, treatment is more efficient and more comfortable. There is a humanized treatment menu such as English system language, making operation simple. 100% American imported plug and play handle connector and perfect water-electricity isolation assembly are applied in this machine so stability of the machine is greatly increased. As well as that, this machine is also equipped with a water flow alarm so system automatically alarms and stops all working immediately if there is little water inside. For shell of the machine, high quality ABD material is used.

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