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Bipolar RF Equipment

In 1996, Thermge Company patented ThermaCool technology and in November 2002, ThemageCool technology was authorized by FDA for application in beauty field. At present, the radiofrequency technology has already been successfully used in hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. A 5.6-inch LCD color LCD touch screen is adopted in US301 bipolar RF equipment so the operation of this machine is very easy. With two different treatment probes, different needs of patients can be satisfied. There's an electric current cycle in it. The great advantage of bipolar device in the hand-piece probe is that uniform energy during the treatment can be guaranteed.

Detailed Specifications
Voltage: 220V/110V
RF frequency: 6MHz
RF energy: 0-50J/cm2
Temperature of probe: -2-85℃
Output power: 900W
Size: 34×35×48cm
Weight: 12Kg

As an experienced bipolar RF equipment manufacturer in China, Globalipl provides a vast range of products, including RF CO2 fractional laser machine, ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine and E-light IPL RF beauty machine, etc.

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