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PDT LED Light Beauty Equipment

With non-touch treatment, US787 PDT LED light beauty equipment is safe and reliable because PDT does not heat up or burn skin. As well as that, this product has large spot size and short treatment time, quite convenient. This machine is suitable for all kinds of skin. As well as that, there is no side-effect, laying off or painful feeling for patients. The operation of this machine is simple and no professional training is required. Besides that, there is low cost on treatment and this machine has long service life and simple maintenance.

Detailed Specifications

Light source LED gene biology light
Output wave Red 640nm±5nm
Blue 470nm±5nm
Or yellow 530nm±5nm
Light color options Red, yellow, red and yellow mixture
Red, blue, Red and blue mixture
Blue, green, blue and green mixture
Area of light spot 350*240mm
Voltage 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Output power 120mw/cm2
Size 60*55*25cm
Weight 10.5kg

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