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Laser Hair Removal Machine

International advanced semiconductor laser technology is adopted in US417 laser hair removal machine and high-quality components are used as well. This product has the advantage of small output noise, constant current, stability and anti-interference ability. Besides that, it also has other features such as constant current dual protection circuit to ensure long service life. With excellent configuration, stable performance, high performance-to-cost ratio, this product is very suitable for major beauty salons.

A couple of features of US417 laser hair removal machine make it stand out. Firstly, it has the optimum wavelength for treatment. The laser pulse time ranges from 5ms to 100ms so ideal hair removal efficacy can be achieved without damaging epidermis. Secondly, 13X13mm2 square spot can rapidly remove hair thus speeding up treatment process. On one hand, it is fast. On the other, it can also eliminate the traditional circular laser spot formed by overlapping dead area. Sapphire contact mode is safe for skin and it also improves the efficacy of treatment. Absorbed energy for laser can increase by 30%-40%. Last but not least, detachable treating probe of US417 laser hair removal equipment can save the after-sales maintenance costs to the greatest extent.

Detailed Specifications

Laser type Diode laser
Laser wavelength 808nm
Screen 8.4 inch color touch screen
Output power 2000W
Spot size 13*13mm2
Pulse width 10-1,400 ms adjustable
Energy 1-120J/CM2 adjustable
Frequency 0.5-10HZ
Cooling Water+ air+ semiconductor
Temperature -2℃-10℃
Dimension of machine 60*32*83cm
Net weight 53kg
Packaging Aluminum alloy case
Voltage 220V/110V

We are a laser hair removal machine manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine, E-light IPL RF beauty machine, monopolar RF machine and CO2 fractional laser machine.

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