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Laser Hair Removal Equipment

US 416 laser hair removal equipment, with wavelength of 808nm, can be used for permanent removal of hair, skin rejuvenation and odor treatment. It is compact, easy to transport. Firstly, with 808 nm laser, this machine is stable. And this spectrum is near-infrared region so the laser can absorb melanin and go through dermis to reach to adipose tissues, thus acting on different areas and depths. With intelligent control system, this product has long service life. This machine also has effective and quick treatment on big treatment area because of big spot size. Besides that, it is a comfortable process during the whole treatment because sapphire temperature cools down -2~10℃. With intelligent LCD screen, this product is very easy to operate and manipulate. Last but not least, US 416 laser hair removal equipment can be used on pigmented hair and all skin types, including tanned skin.

Detailed Specifications

Laser type Diode laser
Laser wavelength 808 nm(810nm)
Power 1200W
Density 8.4 inch color touch LCD screen
Spot size 13*13 mm2
Pulse width 10-1, 400 ms adjustable
Energy 1-120 J/cm2adjustable
Frequency 0.5~10Hz
Cooling Water + air + Semiconductor
Temperature of probe -2~3C
Working environment
Environment temperature 5-40℃
Relative humidity <=80%
Atmospheric pressure 860hpa-1060hpa
Working voltage ~220V+-10%, 50HZ
Transportation and storage
Environment temperature - 20~60℃
Relative humidity <=100%
Atmospheric pressure 500hpa-1060hpa
Size 37*56*46cm
G. Weight 35kg
Voltage 220V (110V)/15A 50Hz (60Hz)
Packaging Aluminum alloy case

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